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A E creative services hawaii photographer anjj lee has been capturing precious moments for Hawaii's residents for over a decade. Clients most appreciate her fun and easy going attitude, her professional conduct and her ability to capture great photos and videos that convey emotion and energy. They also enjoy getting all the photos on disc and being able to print them with permission from any printer on the island without having to pay $$$$ expensive fees for a few select prints ordered through upscale photographers.

Anjj Lee has been a Hawaii Photographer of weddings, portraits, events, celebrations and just about anything under the sun. As a military contract photographer, she photographed high profile VIPs such as Former U.S. President George and Laura Bush, and rock band Hootie and the Blowfish among others. She won the PACAF (Pacific Air Force) Stringer/photograper of the Year award in 2006 and was published in the prestigious Campbell/Reece BIOLOGY 7th Edition textbook among other books and magazines, some of which are showcased here. She also photographed for the Honolulu Advertiser for a few glorious years and was able to meet numerous Hawaii folk in various businesses, organizations, festivals and groups as she photographed them for the paper and for the web.
Feel free to browse through her adventures and see life from her inspiring, fun-loving perspective.

Anjj Lee is also an aspiring musician who plays part-time around the island in various venues and on her own television show "Jammed Up with Anjj" which airs Fridays @ 9pm Channel 52. For more information on her music, go to She performs a variety of genres and normally plays as a soloist, but also has a band.

"Mahalo for visiting, I look forward to meeting with you and serving you from my heart. Aloha." anjj lee (808)951-9876 Email :


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